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the all-around divorce therapy e-book/printables for Kids to navigate divorce or separation with ease.

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Empowering children through “family changes”, one workbook at a time.

With our expertise in family therapy and child psychology, we have carefully crafted a comprehensive workbook filled with interactive activities, writing prompts, and puzzles, all aimed at fostering emotional growth, resilience, and healthy expression. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive space for children to process their feelings and empower them with the tools to navigate the changes they face.

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High-Quality A4 Printables

Our workbook provides beautifully designed, high-quality A4 printables that are visually engaging and captivating for children, enhancing their learning experience.

The workbook is carefully designed for children aged 5-12, providing accessible, relatable, and age-appropriate content that supports their developmental needs with thoughtfulness and precision.

Coping Strategies

Children will learn practical coping strategies to manage the challenges associated with divorce or separation, helping them develop resilience and adaptability during this transitional period.

Expertly Developed

Our workbook is meticulously created by therapists with expertise in child psychology and family therapy, ensuring that it is based on the latest research and best practices in the field.

Lifelong Skills

Engaging with our workbook extends beyond divorce, equipping children with lifelong skills in emotional regulation, communication, and resilience for a fulfilled and resilient journey ahead.

Uplift little hearts

Invest in our high-quality A4 printables, unlocking the benefits of our comprehensive workbook, nurturing your child’s emotional well-being through the challenging journey of divorce or separation.

“Using play in a non-judgmental environment, kids can express themselves and process their hurt, anger, fears and deepest emotions”

Sarah Wilson

Therapist / Founder

Specialties and Expertise







“My extensive training as a physician and lived experience in childhood traumatic events allow me to understand what your child is going through. Specializing exclusively in divorce and grief, I use a combination of child-centred and play therapy to encourage your child to express themselves and process the changes and any pain they are experiencing !

Sarah Wilson

Therapist / Founder

Elegant In our practice, we use a combination of play therapy and child-centered therapy to help children traverse what can be an extremely traumatic time in their lives. We help minimize the effects of trauma by being an ally to your child and inviting them to express themselves in the language they are proficient in play.

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Therapists can incorporate this tool into their sessions with children. It serves to facilitate discussions and guide therapeutic interventions

By engaging in activities together, children can share their thoughts, feelings, and challenges with peers who are going through similar experiences

Educators can integrate the workbook into their classroom activities to create awareness and promote empathy among students

The Help Your Kids Need !

If you want to help your child navigate the complex emotions and changes that come with divorce or separation, the “Family Changes Workbook” is here to guide you. Our workbook provides a safe and supportive space for children to explore their feelings and gain a better understanding of the divorce or separation process. Don’t let your child struggle alone – PURCHASE the workbook today and give your child the tools they need to cope with this difficult time.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Our Workbook: Find Answers to Your Questions! Discover everything you need to know about our Family Changes Workbook in our FAQ section. Get insights on age suitability, interactivity, digital availability, and more. We’ve got you covered! Dive into these commonly asked questions and find the answers you’re seeking. Reach out to us for any additional queries – we’re here to support you!

Is the workbook helpful for parents and caregivers as well?

While the primary focus of the workbook is on supporting children, it can also be a valuable resource for parents and caregivers. The workbook provides insights into children’s emotions and experiences, facilitating open and supportive conversations between adults and children.

Are the activities in the workbook interactive?

Yes! The workbook offers a range of interactive activities, including drawing or writing prompts, puzzles, and games. These activities encourage children to express their feelings, process their emotions, and engage with the content in a fun and interactive way.

Can the workbook be used by therapists or educators?

Absolutely! Therapists, counselors, and educators can incorporate the workbook into their sessions or classrooms. It provides a structured and comprehensive resource to support children’s emotional well-being during the process of divorce or separation.

Is the workbook available in digital format?

Yes! In addition to the high-quality A4 printables, we are excited to offer a digital version of the workbook. This allows for easy access and convenience, giving you the flexibility to use it on various devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones. You can choose the format that best suits your preferences and needs.

Are there any additional resources or support provided with the workbook?

Yes! Along with the workbook, we offer ongoing support through our newsletter, providing lifetime updates and new free printables. This ensures that you stay connected and receive valuable resources as our team develops them.

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